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What Do We Do?

Our programs will take you from Overwhelmed to Motivated, physically and mentally.

“ALLong is designed to educate and support you in meeting the demands of daily living. You can improve your health and state of well-being with our science and research based program that is much more than physical fitness. It is an educational and highly personalised preventive health program that imparts fundamentals in support of your optimum outcomes.”

Dr Eevon Stott, CEO Active Living Longer Inc and Adjunct Researcher Charles Sturt University.

Why Join Active Living Longer?

Our experts set you up to succeed.
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Led by Dr Eevon Stott, with 17 years’ experience in human movement and exercise physiology research.
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We impart techniques that match your capacity, reduce the likelihood of injury and provide you with the foundations to build and maintain your vigour over time.
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Once you know which exercises are most effective for your body type and your goals, you are much more likely to achieve success.
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Your goals are our goals. We work in concert with GPs, Physiotherapists, Dieticians and other medical and community services to ensure we are aiding your life journey.

Our Programs

Confidence in yourself starts here!


Senior Man | ALLong, Bathurst & Orange, NSW
  • Bathurst & Orange
  • Build up your health to live an active life for longer.

    Benefit from close supervision and systematic checkpoints to establish the most suitable exercises for you.

    Take the first step now to a better you.

  • * 50 years and over
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Zero Barriers | ALLong, Bathurst & Orange, NSW
  • Australia-wide
  • No time or ability to travel to appointments?
    Want to limit your exposure to the viruses?
    Want to rebuild your general fitness and stamina?

    Take part in our programs online from anywhere

  • * 50 years and over
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Solo | ALLong, Bathurst & Orange, NSW
  • Central West NSW
  • Government funded via Exercise & Sports Science Australia’s subsidy program - ‘Exercise Right for Active Ageing’.

    Provides financial assistance to those 65 years and over to encourage a more active lifestyle.

  • * 65 years and over
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